Valen Hawkshand

Grim but heroic ranger, scout, and swordsman


== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ==
Valen Hawkshand, level 7
Human, Ranger (Scout)
Ranger Wilderness Knacks Option: Wilderness Tracker (Ranger)
Ranger Wilderness Knacks Option: Watchful Rest (Ranger)
Two-Weapon Style Option: Flashing Blade Mastery
Level 4 Wilderness Knack Option: Beast Empathy (Ranger)
Human Power Selection Option: Heroic Effort
Geography – Forest (+2 to Nature)
Theme: Explorer

STR 14, CON 15, DEX 18, INT 10, WIS 14, CHA 8

STR 14, CON 14, DEX 16, INT 10, WIS 13, CHA 8

AC: 21 Fort: 19 Ref: 21 Will: 20
HP: 62 Surges: 11 Surge Value: 15

Athletics +9, Endurance +11, Heal +10, Nature +12, Perception +12, Stealth +11

Acrobatics +6, Arcana +3, Bluff +2, Diplomacy +2, Dungeoneering +5, History +3, Insight +5, Intimidate +2, Religion +3, Streetwise +2, Thievery +6

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Explorer Utility: Surefooted Stride
Human Racial Power: Heroic Effort
Ranger Utility: Aspect of the Dancing Serpent
Ranger Utility: Aspect of the Lurking Spider
Ranger Attack: Dual Weapon Attack
Multiple Class Attack: Power Strike
Ranger Utility: Aspect of the Regal Lion
Ranger Utility 2: Invigorating Stride
Ranger Utility 5: Reactive Shift
Ranger Utility 6: Healing Lore

Level 1: Toughness
Level 1: Alertness
Level 2: Durable
Level 4: Master at Arms
Level 6: Iron Will

Amulet of Protection +2 x1
Barkskin Hide Armor +1 x1
Bracers of Mighty Striking (heroic tier) x1
Short sword x1
Antivenom (heroic tier)
Herbal Poultice (level 3)
Potion of Healing (heroic tier)
Backpack (empty)
Flint and Steel
Belt Pouch (empty)
Climber’s Kit
Silk Rope (50 ft.)
Camouflaged Clothing
Master’s Blade Longsword +2 x1
Davros Elden’s Defensive Step (heroic tier)
== End ==


Description: Valen is tall and broad-shouldered, but otherwise lean. His frame is all wiry muscle, a result of his constant travel and sword practice. His face, though still youthful, is lean and usually clean shaven. His dark hair is usually worn shoulder-length. His eyes are blue-gray. He usually dresses in He rough woodsman’s garb, with plain dark trousers, tunic, and high soft boots. For protection he wears a well-stitched jerkin of kine-hide, belted at the waist, with matching wrist guards. His sword Skarn-Ska hangs at his left hip in a plain leathern scabbard, balanced by a wide-bladed shortsword and a heavy throwing axe at his right. He also bears two daggers, one strapped to his right boot, the other attached to the back of his belt, hilt to the left. A recurved bow and a quiver of steel-headed arrows are slung across his back, next to a light pack and bedroll. Unless undercover, he wears the dark green sash that marks his status as a Pathfinder of Aranost under his swordbelt.

Personality: Appears serious and thoughtful. A rough and ready woodsman, he is a man of few words, who values honesty, hard-work, and self-reliance. A man of simple pleasures, he is competent but not boastful, and likes to take quiet satisfaction in a job well-done. He is fierce when fighting his chosen enemies, as well as when defending innocents from raiders and monsters.

1-Never violate a woman, nor harm a child. Do not lie, cheat or steal. These things are for lesser men. Protect the weak against the evil strong. And never allow thoughts of gain to lead you into the pursuit of evil. 
2-Do the right thing because it is the right thing, not for what others think of you.
3-Rely on yourself and your blades. Other allies are to be judged on a case by case basis.

1-Never let my guard down
2-Always assess before entering an area/situation
3-Always make notes of landmarks

1- Born in a small village named Dage, to the north-west of Aranost

2- Father was village carpenter/woodworker, his mother a midwife and herbalist. As a child Valen assisted him, learning the value of hard physical work and attention to detail. But he was more interested in the trips made to obtain the lumber than on the work itself. As a third son he could not inherit his father’s business, and thus was apprenticed to the village blacksmith. His master oft complained that although he was a hard worker, the boy was more interested in the finished products than in the forge itself. The blacksmith had served a stint in the king’s army, and could not help himself from rewarding the somewhat introverted lad for his hard work by teaching him the basics of swordplay. (As a result, Valen is very respectful of craftsmen, knowing the kind of work and knowledge required)

3- By the time he could shave, Valen had thus learned much of the ways of the forest, hunting, and archery. He thus was able to join the local militia, where his skills earned him the role of scout. As this was mostly volunteer work, he naturally found a way to make a living as a forester, patrolling the area around the village, and several of its neighbors, hunting down dangerous beasts or rampaging brigands (human and otherwise), guiding merchant trains, and looking for signs of enemy incursions.

4- During one of his stints as a military scout, he was leading a patrol along the foothills of the Eagle Peaks (northeastern border of Aranost). One night he decided to scout ahead as the patrol set camp. Only the moonlight saved him, as it glinted off the cuirass of a sneaking orc. But orcs do not scout alone… When he returned to the camp, he bore several wounds, but his blades were stained black to the hilts with orcish blood. He was able to lead the patrol to ambush the large band of orc raiders, and send them packing back to their caves. On the way, the patrol commander did not fail to notice the half-dozen orcs the scout had slain.

5- As a ‘reward’ Valen was sent to the capital city of Ironcrest, to train with the Royal Army’s swordmasters. He was then offered a commission in the King’s elite Pathfinders, a free-form unit composed of some of the best foresters and skirmishers in Aranost. He has since seen action in a few battles against raiding orcs, and warlords from Rhunilar intent of carving out pieces of the Verdant Kingdom. He also has been on various scouting and other covert missions throughout Aranost and beyond

Valen Hawkshand

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